Barry Meadow is a professional gambler and author who has won many awards.

In particular with regard to the realm of gaming, Barry Meadow is unquestionably someone who can be described as a “jack of all trades.” Not only is he a skilled gambler and player of blackjack, but he is also a well-known author who, for the most part, publishes books on gambling. He is particularly good at betting on horse races.

Meadow has, in fact, written dozens of books that are based on his experiences gambling. Many of these books have won awards for Meadow because they give exceptional guidance and distinctive insights that are not found in other publications. Meadow has won awards for many of these books. Meadow has been earning a living as a professional gambler for more than thirty years, and he continues to do so to this day. Meadow’s primary source of income is gaming.

The Professional Gambler’s Way of Life

There is not much information available on Meadow’s background, other than the facts that he served his country during the Vietnam War and, after coming home, began his career as a professional gambler in Las Alamitos, California. Because harness racing was his area of expertise, it was there that he had the greatest level of betting success. In point of fact, Meadow devoted five years of his life to becoming an expert in harness racing. During that time, he visited a variety of harness races all across the state of Nevada.

Following his discharge from the Navy, he took a job with Armstrong Daily as a harness handicapper before moving on to become the editor of American Turf Monthly.
After that, he worked as a tennis instructor in New York for the next six years before relocating to California to become a television writer.
In the 1980s, Meadow started betting full-time at the harness races held at Hollywood Park and Los Alamitos. These were the venues where he got his start in the gambling industry. When he had been betting on harness races for five years, he decided to try his luck with thoroughbreds instead. It was at the thoroughbred races when he had two pick 6 wins for more than $100,000 each (not slots). He didn’t stop playing the thoroughbreds every day until 2011, when he finally called it quits.
During this period, he made numerous trips to Nevada to play blackjack for the purpose of generating more revenue, and he also participated in online casino games to take advantage of the enticing bonus offers that were available at the time.

Meadow would use his free time on the weekends to compete in cash games at the local casinos. While he was there, he would also test out all of the newest games that these establishments had to offer. During the course of his five-year journey, Meadow not only had amazing success when it came to playing slot machines, but he was able to win the jackpot of one hundred thousand dollars not once, but twice during that time period.

Meadow, the Writer in Question

Meadow was able to establish his own company, which he named TR Publishing and it was responsible for publishing a publication called The Trot Report. This particular publication was centered on harness racing. In addition, Meadow planned to use this organization in order to publish the novels that he was now working on creating.

Success at the Harness Races was the title of his debut book, which was published by him in 1967.
It was in 1987 that he authored “Professional Harness Betting,” which is often regarded to be one of Barry Meadow’s greatest works. It is the first time that he truly reveals information about his experiences during the five year period of his life when all he did was watch harness races and wager, and it was the first time that he wrote about those experiences. He composed this work in the style of a diary, in which he details the events of each day of his life and offers sage counsel to the readers of the book so that they might gain insight from his previous blunders.

The next year, Meadow wrote “Money Secrets at the Racetrack,” which focuses on having effective money management when betting on horseraces and provides his readers a deeper insight into the odds and overlays that one needs understand to become a successful gambler. Money Secrets at the Racetrack was a success, and Meadow went on to produce further books.